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Unlock Solar for Your Apartment

Access Victorian Government grants of up to $2,800 per apartment for shared solar on your building

The Victorian Solar for Apartments program has launched.

What this means for you:

Unlock significant savings

Access up to $2,800 in grants per apartment, significantly reducing the cost of solar installation for your apartment complex.

Boost Property Value

Solar could increase your property’s market attractiveness and value by 12.7% according to Domain, making it a smart investment.

Simplified Process

Our team will provide you with a Shared Solar Assessment for your building to give you all the info you need and help support your grant application.
About the program

The Victoria Solar for Apartments Grant provides financial support for installing solar systems in Victorian apartments, with grants up to $2,800 per dwelling.

It aims to promote the use of renewable energy and sustainability.

Learn more about the program here.


Eligibility Highlights
  • Maximum of 8 storeys.
  • Less than 50 apartments.
  • Median apartment value under $950,000.
  • Located in Victoria.
  • Not on an embedded electricity network.
Tenant Experiences

For too long, apartment residents have been sidelined in the solar revolution. 

Watch to learn more.

How to get started

Step 1

Submit your info to Allume

Send us a picture of your electricity meter or your latest electricity bill.
We'll provide a complimentary Shared Solar Assessment, outlining how solar can work for your property.

Step 2

Apply for the VIC Program

You now have most of the information you need to complete the application.
Access up to $2,800 in grants per apartment! 

Step 3

Install solar

Now you've been approved for the grant and loan, you'll be able to get solar installed on your shared rooftop.

Get up to 60% off your energy bills from day one!


"Rooftop solar couldn't have come at a better time. I'm recently retired, and have already found a huge difference in my powerbill".
- Elizabeth, Tenant at City West Housing

Case Studies


Tullamore Folia, Doncaster, Victoria

In Doncaster's Tullamore, Mirvac's Folia Apartments brings sustainable living to life with a shared 70 kW solar system for 39 apartments, completed in 2021. Energy-smart and cost-effective. 


Turner, Australian Capital Territory

In Canberra's leafy inner-north, Focus Apartments utilized their sinking fund for a 37.74 kW rooftop solar installation by SolarHub, reducing electricity bills for 20 residences since November 2020.

Botany, New South Wales

In Botany, NSW, Botany Apartments, featuring 23 townhouses and 4 apartments, revolutionized living with a 60 kW AC shared solar system installed by Energus in 2021. A step towards smart, sustainable energy use.


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